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This is Fail2BAND (./ main tool to configure, pull and push
data to fail2band server and interact with local fail2ban.

./ --setup   to start setup wizard
./ --get     to get data from fail2band server
./ --push    to push data to fail2band server
./ --help    to display this help page

fail2band --setup options:
  with no options        wizard will ask you for needed informations
  --create               wizard will create your account on
  --email                your account email
  --password             your password

fail2band --push options:
  --action [ban/unban]   push ban or unban ip to
  --ip   set ip to use for this action
  --ip6 fe80::8e97:::ff  set ip v6 to use for this action
  --jail jail_name       send jail name to (ex. ssh, imap ...)
                         could be used to download only theses rules
                         (see --filter on --get command)
  --proto name           protocol (ex. tcp/udp, all ...)
  --port number          port used (ex. 22, any ...)
  --reason string        (optional) reason of ban/unban

fail2band --get options:
  --filter string        (optional) get only rules from jail_name
                         if not provided, get all blacklisted ip from all my
                         others servers

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